Listening to the Song of Planets

Okay, I was supposed to post an article about dreams in the weekend, because:

Saturday morning I woke up in chock. I was overwhelmed! The dream (or dreams) were so powerful, so symbolic and vivid that night, I didn’t know what to make out of it! So I grabbed the closest sheet(s) of paper I could find and wrote my entire dream down. The prime reason why I am not going to write about this dream is because I don’t know what to write about it really… Maybe I’ll post an interpretation of it, but seriously… There are too many details for me to fit in one post. Second, I got so tired of it after having discussed it with several friends and not being able to let it go for three days straight.

Instead I am going to talk a (little) bit about today’s enlightenment, space sounds! Before you interrupt me by saying “Bogus! There is no sound in space cuz it’s just compressed vacuum there and shit!“, I simply answer: I agree. These are not real sounds. They are energy waves recorded by the Voyager satellites and converted into sound waves, audible files, which makes them comprehensible for humans, because we cannot hear these frequencies normally. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this subject, all of a sudden I found myself listening to eerie space recordings on Youtube! Isn’t it just awesome!?

The recordings were made by NASA satellites Voyager 1 and 2, and the sounds I listened to were from 1992-2002 I think. The satellites are still out there, recording and collecting data in the darkest of places… Anyway, I was so fascinated by this, so I downloaded a couple of really awesome and chilling sound samples plus NASA’s album (oh yes, they have one) Symphonies of the Planets 1-5 from 1992! Each volume consists of a 30 minute song composed by pure, droning recorded space ambience… I’ve got only one word for it -> meditative.

Here, Check it out:

Space sounds are awesome!! *gonna make some music with this*


2 Responses to “Listening to the Song of Planets”

  1. Coolt 😛 Häftiga videor ^^ jag har iaf sökt två jobb nu 🙂 Så jag gjorde lite nytta idag iaf ^^

  2. Hey, really nice! How on earth did you manage to remember the dream so that you could write it down??
    I really liked those sounds! thanks for posting them, now I will probably listen to them the next time I meditate 🙂

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