The Sky Moves Sideways and I am Upside Down

Awakened by sunlight

My body aches and I am oh so tired…

Today has been but hours of exhaustion

In this helpless silence…

Every thought of joy today subsided

And all I see, fades into distortion…

I know. This is a spontaneous poem, I came up with the words as I wrote ’em. It’s about nothing really (Sorry I didn’t leave you anything personal…). maybe it’s about one of those mornings when you wake up and can’t place yourself. It has happened to me A LOT of times. I’m like “Ah where am I!? Why am I not horizontal!? I feel dizzy…Hey wait…I’m in my bed! Oh… I am still here… in this boring world…damn..” Here’s a painting I’ve done:


One Response to “The Sky Moves Sideways and I am Upside Down”

  1. Cool bild, fast det vet du ju redan, men gillar den verkligen! Jo jag vet att jag inte har hört av mig, jag har bara inte orkat, har känt mig lite nere, problem med csn och shit 😦

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