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Film Fest With thatEyelessEntity

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Kay, I’m in the middle of a movie marathon, how sweet isn’t that on a Saturday night!? Although I would love to have some friends over here (all of them imaginary of course, wtf as if I have friends), but as usual my head has been filled with headaches and blur so I couldn’t really make up any good plans, and I didn’t have any ideas and so on…So instead, I have been with my brothers tonight.

Something that is unique for tonight, is that I knew almost nothing about the movies I saw before tonight, and I highly recommend that you actually avoid watching trailers or reading about the films before you see them, because this removes any false expectations and you are slightly less risking to end up in disappointment. I don’t think I will have the time to post a full review on ALL of these movies, so for now these short summaries will have to do.

Movies for tonight:

Ponyo [2008]: (4.5/5) Unfortunately with Swedish dub instead of Japanese, because my little brother wanted to join… bleh. Anyway, read my review on Ponyo >here<, I gave it 4.5 stars!

Ninja Assassin [2009]: (3/5) A typical, but very genuine ninja movie! Much action, very ninja. Filled with blood splattering all over the screen, some tough fights and super-cool ninjas, this is a must-see for ninja fans! What pulls the film down is that everyone speaks English, would have loved to hear more sexy Japanese. But, all the action scenes are both hilarious and violent which brings everything up again. I mean, you don’t watch this kind of film for the acting right? Well, the acting was actually all right, but I think people get the point. I don’t think I need to mention anything about the plot, seeing as it is a ninja film, yeah! This one caused a lot of laughing. 3 Stars.

Case 39 [2009]: (3/5) A quite eerie, supernatural film about Renée Zellweger as a social worker that fights to save a girl from her abusive parents but she soon realizes that she has misunderstood the whole situation, and that she is trapped in a dangerous situation… A good film actually, nothing really unique about this move, but still it was very exciting and the actors were good. I didn’t really know what it was about from the start, I was expecting a thriller, then later on I suspected it to be a typical torture flick, but after about half an hour I realized what type of films it was. It is not as flashy as everything from this genre tends to be, it was more subtle and tense. Later on, of course, it ended like a typical supernatural film. It didn’t disappoint though, 3 stars.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky [1986]: (4/5) After watching this I realized where Miyazaki got his ideas for Howl’s Moving Castle from. Laputa is a floating civilization hidden in the clouds, and everyone seems to be looking for its many treasures and advanced technology; the army, the pirates and the corrupted government. Sheeta is a young girl and orphan, that happens to be the heir of a magic stone that brings her luck and makes her levitate. The government believes that this stone will guide them to Laputa. But the young boy Pazu falls in love with Sheeta and is willing to defend her at any cost.

I love this film! Many say that it’s not among Miyazaki’s best films, but I say it is one of his best! As in most of his films, Laputa pictures the destructive relationship between nature and civilization, and the love between a girl and a boy. I think Laputa portrays these themes twice as good as Howl’s Moving Castle. It is both exciting, hilarious and touching. And as always, Joe Hisashi contributes with a wonderful soundtrack. 4 stars!


Sleeping Brains and Blog Contests

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Hi there, folks! Today, you could say I have been nearly dead. Why you ask? Because I slept until 3pm, that’s why. This means I missed school today, which is less yay, plus: my school’s community site is failing me, which means I cannot watch the recorded lecture. Which sucks!

Anyway I’m out of ideas today, because my brain is still sleeping, so I will give you a picture instead. I guess I’ll compensate for this empty post in my next post.

U Wanna Play? Really? Are you feeling lucky, punk?


Happy Reader Fun Time!

Last Sunday thatEyelessEntity joined a blog contest! And, it was a Swedish one! Yay! Schwedisch!

Anyway, I would be grateful as hell if you could pop in there and vote for me! I know it’s in Swedish, but don’t let that scare you away! I’ll guide you:

First off, you’ll need the link to the blog…

Second, write  your name in the section below “namn

Third, write “I’ll vote for nr 13!!! Because he’s simply the best!” in the comments section.

Fourth, click the button! “skicka kommentar

Fifth, you’re done! Thank you! ❤

Ponyo (4.5/5)

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Actually I didn’t know what to write today, so randomly I decided to write something about Ponyo, you know, Miyazaki’s film from 2008?

What is it about? The magical goldfish Ponyo accidentally gets lost in the tainted world of humans, where a young Sōsuke finds her, washed ashore and stuck in a glass jar. Sōsuke rescues her and keeps her as his pet, and it does not take long before they have developed a special relation. However, Ponyo’s father the wizard is not too happy about this…

My thoughts on Ponyo: The movie was stunningly beautiful, as always with Hayao Miyazaki’s films. His wonderful imagination was shown throughout the movie, it is like an underwater dream. The creatures and the painted-by-hand-environment are both amazing, and the plot reminds me of old japanese mythology. The characters have this childish and humorous side which is typical of Miyazaki, and very genuine too.  A very cute and thoughtful film. Even metal heads like me could cry from watching it. Plus great music by Joe Hisashi!

Rating: 4.5/5! 😀


Reader’s Questions:

How come you’ve not made any cartoons? I mean, like little series? I think your drawings would make an interesting comic!

Actually, I have thought about that. I have had several ideas for comics, but I will need to develop another technique for that. I wouldn’t be able to draw the same character on 5 pages and make him look exactly the same. I have started a few projects long ago, although none have been finished. I have pondered drawing some kind of strip-series with brutal and raw humour though… Thanks for asking! 😀

Are you a Lifelover?

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I could say that I am. With being a Lifelover, I of course mean I am a fan of the band Lifelover.

How did I discover them?

I used to search a specific music-blog for new and cool bands, I have done this since long ago. Many times when visiting that blog, the band Lifelover popped up several times, I had read only a little about them and they seemed so far away from my music taste [read about my music taste here] with their weird song titles. One day I had seen them once too much on that site, so I thought:

“Oh, what the heck Jacob, you might as well check them out anyway if they are that good!”

The first album that I acquired was Konkurs. Suddenly, a new world of sound opened up for me; I was amazed! I now have all of their albums on my comp, and I’m longing for the day when I have purchased all their albums and booklets and cool stuff.

Lifelover is a sarcastic/humorous band (that is why they scared me; I didn’t realize that they where sarcastic until I read their lyrics), it is an avant garde-ish mix of experimental black metal and depressive rock. Their albums  feel like chaotic mood swings; one song can be joyful and upbeat while the next is deep and hateful. I find a great artistic value in their music, it is crappy and cheesy, Not in the Troll 2 way, but in a way that makes it awesome!

They have a total of 4 albums. The first two, Pulver and Erotik are acquired taste; you need to listen to them a couple of times before you get used to their special, raw sound. The latter two, Konkurs and Dekadens are just simply wonderful, a perfect blend of urban angst and beauty. Lifelover is the number one choice to listen to whenever I get the feels. They have always made me happy.

From Pulver:

From Erotik:

From Konkurs:

From Dekadens:

Valentine’s Past

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He wasn’t much into love anyway.

Good day/night! I have nothing really on my mind this day… hmm, maybe because I have been sleeping through the whole weekend. My brain is like a complete mess, all my thoughts are blurry and messy and it’s just not very pristine today.

I was inspired by my friend today, Placebohoe and her blog (you will find the link to her site in the sidebar). In one of her posts she answered questions from her readers and friends and I thought: Wouldn’t it be fun if I did something similar? You can ask me ANY question you can come up with and I will try to answer it with a as best as I can. I think this will be a great way for people to get to know me. I know that I don’t have a lot of readers, this blog is still very young, barely a month old… but still… I want to do this list, when I have enough questions I will throw them up in a new post or work it out some other way.

My next post will be about music, I think. If anyone was randomly wondering, lol. And feel free to subscribe to my blog!


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Face that stare if you dare.

Earlier today I played with my friend’s iPhone application, I don’t know what it’s called but it is a basic drawing program and well….everything is touch-screen…I suck at finger painting, and especially this one application was a bit trixy to work with. Although I managed to do this random thing which my friend liked very much, and he told me I should upload it on deviantArt even! The funny thing is that we were supposed to be programming and study for the upcoming test, but did this instead… and googled around… and facebooked… and youtubed… very… uhm… exhausting.

We will see about DeviantArt, but at least I can upload it here for you. 🙂

If Dreams Ever Lasted, Excerpt II

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The picture hasn’t got much to do with the text, but fits well with the novel as a whole.

A shrill noise is cutting the silence. It makes me think of a razor cutting my flesh and veins. But it differs in the way that it is disturbing instead of calming.

Five seconds. I rise to stand. Ten steps to my room, and I see my phone is ringing. I hate that noise. A human being trying to reach me from the other side of my prison walls. Pathetic. I watch the phone for ten more seconds like a statue. It will never stop ringing; it is really calling for me this time.

It will never stop.

I decide to pick up the fucking phone; at least I can listen to their attempt to make me speak. They are fucking ants to me. My anger is not shown in my movement, for it is minimal, but my thoughts and mind is chaos and mayhem. My head burns.

The first thing I hear when I put the disgusting piece of plastic to my ear is a sigh of relief, followed by sobbing. I hear my feelings echoing at the other side, it is just like the few times when I look at myself in the mirror. I am shocked. My eyes widen as I recognize the caller; she is not just sobbing, she has started crying. My body stands motionless, and within my silent shell something has awakened with my tears.

It is like I am reborn, all regrets and fears are washed away as I am swimming towards the surface of a crimson ocean of blood and flesh; saving my poor pitiful self from drowning. On my way up I hear her beautiful but cracked voice speak out in words. She is stuttering, my poor twin; my soulmate. I hurry as fast as I can, I must answer her. Up there is love. She speaks once again.

I miss you. Come back to me, please. Let me in.