The Pursuit of Happiness

Why are people so obsessed about chasing happiness? I would like to know why, really.

Is there something really great that I don’t know about?

Some people must really misunderstand the word happiness. Or am I the fool this time? I just think that some people just run and run and run after that Hollywood-movie-joy without realizing they are chasing something that does not exist. Do not chase happiness! It will not welcome you with open arms. Maybe you could say it is like a cat. If you rush to it at throw it on your lap you will scare it away. But if you just lie there, calmly, she will come. Or if you are hurt somewhere, she will feel your pain, and she will go to you and comfort you. Or simply when you have been away for a while and return home, she will gladly greet you and play with you. That is kind of how it works with joy.

Life goes its own way, it will not listen to someone as unimportant as you. Be content with its ways and methods instead of criticizing it;  stop whining about how you will never be successful and happy. Life is an artist. Artists do not like to be badly criticized. Live with it, try to see all sides of the dices’ outcome. A normal dice have 6 sides, you should not only look at the side that is pointing up, look for different outcomes and opportunities on the adjoining sides.

I am saying this because I am a hopeless person, and I cannot stand with people crying about their misery when their foolishness is to blame. I do see hope, I do feel joy, but I have never felt success. They might have a good job, a good partner and a good life in general. They are just too blind to see life for what it is.  These people cage themselves in a mirrored maze of ungratefulness. So be grateful for every ounce of joy you feel. Do not let yourself believe that joyful emotions are temporary, do not believe that anything will be permanent. Just be content with how life is, and learn to accept it.


5 Responses to “The Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. Tack 🙂 Kommer massor fler den här veckan ^^ Så härlig bild 🙂

  2. Delbetalning, kommer typ bara betala 100 spänn i månaden 🙂 så det funkar 🙂

  3. Nej, känns bara skönare att göra så och lättare att betala 🙂

  4. Nej kommer betala om typ en månad.

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