Never Again Without You

Random Poetry Time:

The decision is no longer yours,

this time it is up to me

But in the middle of this crossroad,

I stand motionless and weak

At all sides I am supposed to see choices,

different ways to take

But I see nothing but this grey mist,

this blur before my face

I need your help so fucking much,

but I hate that I do

I wasn’t supposed to be wrong,

I used to be so fucking strong

Now  there is only one thing I know,

the direction in which I fall

And the sharp edge of knives,

the ignorance of your wall

I will never hope for anything again,

that I ever will suffice

Or that I can exist without you near,

I am not able to rise

I have no phobias but there is one thing I fear,

Never again without you


4 Responses to “Never Again Without You”

  1. As I read the middle section of this poem…I thought about Tom Lehrer’s line about “as we go sliding down the razorblade of life”…an image to this day is quite strong. I liked the line” I see nothing but this grey mist” very much…thanks!

  2. Jag har inte orkat ha kontakt med typ nån för kag har inte alls mått så bra och hur jag än försöker så mår jag inte bättre.

  3. Den var bra 🙂

    Jo jag vet det, jag har bara verkligen inte orkat :/ har knappt orkat prata med mamma ens. Vi får ta den där fikan nångång snart 🙂


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