If Dreams Ever Lasted, Excerpt II

The picture hasn’t got much to do with the text, but fits well with the novel as a whole.

A shrill noise is cutting the silence. It makes me think of a razor cutting my flesh and veins. But it differs in the way that it is disturbing instead of calming.

Five seconds. I rise to stand. Ten steps to my room, and I see my phone is ringing. I hate that noise. A human being trying to reach me from the other side of my prison walls. Pathetic. I watch the phone for ten more seconds like a statue. It will never stop ringing; it is really calling for me this time.

It will never stop.

I decide to pick up the fucking phone; at least I can listen to their attempt to make me speak. They are fucking ants to me. My anger is not shown in my movement, for it is minimal, but my thoughts and mind is chaos and mayhem. My head burns.

The first thing I hear when I put the disgusting piece of plastic to my ear is a sigh of relief, followed by sobbing. I hear my feelings echoing at the other side, it is just like the few times when I look at myself in the mirror. I am shocked. My eyes widen as I recognize the caller; she is not just sobbing, she has started crying. My body stands motionless, and within my silent shell something has awakened with my tears.

It is like I am reborn, all regrets and fears are washed away as I am swimming towards the surface of a crimson ocean of blood and flesh; saving my poor pitiful self from drowning. On my way up I hear her beautiful but cracked voice speak out in words. She is stuttering, my poor twin; my soulmate. I hurry as fast as I can, I must answer her. Up there is love. She speaks once again.

I miss you. Come back to me, please. Let me in.



2 Responses to “If Dreams Ever Lasted, Excerpt II”

  1. You should write more if you feel like it, this is really good! Also, I like the picture. ^^

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