Are you a Lifelover?

I could say that I am. With being a Lifelover, I of course mean I am a fan of the band Lifelover.

How did I discover them?

I used to search a specific music-blog for new and cool bands, I have done this since long ago. Many times when visiting that blog, the band Lifelover popped up several times, I had read only a little about them and they seemed so far away from my music taste [read about my music taste here] with their weird song titles. One day I had seen them once too much on that site, so I thought:

“Oh, what the heck Jacob, you might as well check them out anyway if they are that good!”

The first album that I acquired was Konkurs. Suddenly, a new world of sound opened up for me; I was amazed! I now have all of their albums on my comp, and I’m longing for the day when I have purchased all their albums and booklets and cool stuff.

Lifelover is a sarcastic/humorous band (that is why they scared me; I didn’t realize that they where sarcastic until I read their lyrics), it is an avant garde-ish mix of experimental black metal and depressive rock. Their albums  feel like chaotic mood swings; one song can be joyful and upbeat while the next is deep and hateful. I find a great artistic value in their music, it is crappy and cheesy, Not in the Troll 2 way, but in a way that makes it awesome!

They have a total of 4 albums. The first two, Pulver and Erotik are acquired taste; you need to listen to them a couple of times before you get used to their special, raw sound. The latter two, Konkurs and Dekadens are just simply wonderful, a perfect blend of urban angst and beauty. Lifelover is the number one choice to listen to whenever I get the feels. They have always made me happy.

From Pulver:

From Erotik:

From Konkurs:

From Dekadens:


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