Ponyo (4.5/5)

Actually I didn’t know what to write today, so randomly I decided to write something about Ponyo, you know, Miyazaki’s film from 2008?

What is it about? The magical goldfish Ponyo accidentally gets lost in the tainted world of humans, where a young Sōsuke finds her, washed ashore and stuck in a glass jar. Sōsuke rescues her and keeps her as his pet, and it does not take long before they have developed a special relation. However, Ponyo’s father the wizard is not too happy about this…

My thoughts on Ponyo: The movie was stunningly beautiful, as always with Hayao Miyazaki’s films. His wonderful imagination was shown throughout the movie, it is like an underwater dream. The creatures and the painted-by-hand-environment are both amazing, and the plot reminds me of old japanese mythology. The characters have this childish and humorous side which is typical of Miyazaki, and very genuine too.  A very cute and thoughtful film. Even metal heads like me could cry from watching it. Plus great music by Joe Hisashi!

Rating: 4.5/5! 😀


Reader’s Questions:

How come you’ve not made any cartoons? I mean, like little series? I think your drawings would make an interesting comic!

Actually, I have thought about that. I have had several ideas for comics, but I will need to develop another technique for that. I wouldn’t be able to draw the same character on 5 pages and make him look exactly the same. I have started a few projects long ago, although none have been finished. I have pondered drawing some kind of strip-series with brutal and raw humour though… Thanks for asking! 😀


7 Responses to “Ponyo (4.5/5)”

  1. hehe, I understand ^^ thanks for answering 🙂

  2. Åh vill så gärna se den, kul att du gillade den 😀 Förresten Du är med i min bloggtävling och har nummer 13, gör reklam om detta i din blogg och få dina läsare att rösta 🙂 kram

  3. Kul att du ville vara med 😀 Jaja men jag är snart ikapp dig hahahahahahaha! 😀

  4. […] of Japanese, because my younger brother wanted to join…bleh. Anyway, read my review on Ponyo >here<, I gave it 4.5 […]

  5. dummylump Says:

    The second picture in the set of four is really cute. The background is so pretty too, I had no idea the backgrounds were painted by hand! Ponyo would make a cute little pet… but I wouldn’t want the wrath of her father to be involved.

    A comic huh? That sounds so fun! If you decide to make one I’d love to see it!

    • hey, glad you found my blog! 😀
      Yes, Miyazaki is so much better than Disney, there’s much more originality and underlying depth in his movies 🙂

      Oh, if only the world were as beautiful as Miyazaki’s…hehe

      Yeah if I make one, I’ll definitely upload it on DA 😉

  6. We should see this movie again soon. 🙂 ❤

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