Sleeping Brains and Blog Contests

Hi there, folks! Today, you could say I have been nearly dead. Why you ask? Because I slept until 3pm, that’s why. This means I missed school today, which is less yay, plus: my school’s community site is failing me, which means I cannot watch the recorded lecture. Which sucks!

Anyway I’m out of ideas today, because my brain is still sleeping, so I will give you a picture instead. I guess I’ll compensate for this empty post in my next post.

U Wanna Play? Really? Are you feeling lucky, punk?


Happy Reader Fun Time!

Last Sunday thatEyelessEntity joined a blog contest! And, it was a Swedish one! Yay! Schwedisch!

Anyway, I would be grateful as hell if you could pop in there and vote for me! I know it’s in Swedish, but don’t let that scare you away! I’ll guide you:

First off, you’ll need the link to the blog…

Second, write  your name in the section below “namn

Third, write “I’ll vote for nr 13!!! Because he’s simply the best!” in the comments section.

Fourth, click the button! “skicka kommentar

Fifth, you’re done! Thank you! ❤


4 Responses to “Sleeping Brains and Blog Contests”

  1. du har fått en hel del röster 🙂 kram

  2. kul att det finns fler än jag som har övergått från svensk crappy blogg till engelsk (Y) 😛

    I like ur work!

  3. Gör du inte? :O vad ser du då?

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