Film Fest With thatEyelessEntity

Kay, I’m in the middle of a movie marathon, how sweet isn’t that on a Saturday night!? Although I would love to have some friends over here (all of them imaginary of course, wtf as if I have friends), but as usual my head has been filled with headaches and blur so I couldn’t really make up any good plans, and I didn’t have any ideas and so on…So instead, I have been with my brothers tonight.

Something that is unique for tonight, is that I knew almost nothing about the movies I saw before tonight, and I highly recommend that you actually avoid watching trailers or reading about the films before you see them, because this removes any false expectations and you are slightly less risking to end up in disappointment. I don’t think I will have the time to post a full review on ALL of these movies, so for now these short summaries will have to do.

Movies for tonight:

Ponyo [2008]: (4.5/5) Unfortunately with Swedish dub instead of Japanese, because my little brother wanted to join… bleh. Anyway, read my review on Ponyo >here<, I gave it 4.5 stars!

Ninja Assassin [2009]: (3/5) A typical, but very genuine ninja movie! Much action, very ninja. Filled with blood splattering all over the screen, some tough fights and super-cool ninjas, this is a must-see for ninja fans! What pulls the film down is that everyone speaks English, would have loved to hear more sexy Japanese. But, all the action scenes are both hilarious and violent which brings everything up again. I mean, you don’t watch this kind of film for the acting right? Well, the acting was actually all right, but I think people get the point. I don’t think I need to mention anything about the plot, seeing as it is a ninja film, yeah! This one caused a lot of laughing. 3 Stars.

Case 39 [2009]: (3/5) A quite eerie, supernatural film about Renée Zellweger as a social worker that fights to save a girl from her abusive parents but she soon realizes that she has misunderstood the whole situation, and that she is trapped in a dangerous situation… A good film actually, nothing really unique about this move, but still it was very exciting and the actors were good. I didn’t really know what it was about from the start, I was expecting a thriller, then later on I suspected it to be a typical torture flick, but after about half an hour I realized what type of films it was. It is not as flashy as everything from this genre tends to be, it was more subtle and tense. Later on, of course, it ended like a typical supernatural film. It didn’t disappoint though, 3 stars.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky [1986]: (4/5) After watching this I realized where Miyazaki got his ideas for Howl’s Moving Castle from. Laputa is a floating civilization hidden in the clouds, and everyone seems to be looking for its many treasures and advanced technology; the army, the pirates and the corrupted government. Sheeta is a young girl and orphan, that happens to be the heir of a magic stone that brings her luck and makes her levitate. The government believes that this stone will guide them to Laputa. But the young boy Pazu falls in love with Sheeta and is willing to defend her at any cost.

I love this film! Many say that it’s not among Miyazaki’s best films, but I say it is one of his best! As in most of his films, Laputa pictures the destructive relationship between nature and civilization, and the love between a girl and a boy. I think Laputa portrays these themes twice as good as Howl’s Moving Castle. It is both exciting, hilarious and touching. And as always, Joe Hisashi contributes with a wonderful soundtrack. 4 stars!


5 Responses to “Film Fest With thatEyelessEntity”

  1. Bra att du har skrivit mera om film :D:D ja vincent är så bra, får rysningar och Vincent Price är perfekt, verkligen ett genialisk drag.

  2. Jag kanske menar att dem ska få en läkning? 😛

  3. Tack så mycket 🙂 Tyvärr var filmen lite av en besvikelse. Det var ingen direkt story och det kände som att man blev inkastad mitt i en slags uppföljare…

  4. Du är med i min tävling och har nr 5, så gör reklam om det i din blogg och få dina läsare att rösta 🙂 kram

  5. Ja du får avgöra själv :p Smaken är ju som baken i slutändan.

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