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Living Dream-catcher

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I remember one  childhood dream, in which I was trapped with my family in a wickedly tall apartment building and were chased by ravenous muppets. Instead of stairs there were blue and orange ladders, and while I was climbing one of them, a giant red muppet came from behind and ate my shoe! Later on I was alone in a room at the top of the building, when in through the wall a giant, blue furry sea cucumber crashed. It had a red single eye and talked to me with a deep adult voice, then shot out its tendrils and ate my other shoe! I mean, wtf!? When we finally escaped (the building collapsed) and got home, we found our house haunted and surrounded by bat swarms…

In one of my most recent dreams, which was very cinematic (I mean WOW really cinematic!), I was a century-old vampire covered in scars, and my bride was Elisabeth Bathory. She wanted me to turn her, but as vampires always do in films, I rejected her will (because my blood was somehow tainted and cursed), and this fuelled her belief that bathing in virgins’ blood would turn her into one. Most of the time we bathed in blood-filled tubs, or I watched her seducing naive virgins, haha.

When I woke up, I was so fascinated by how cinematic it was, so I came up with this idea for a wonderful horror film, and I made up the end in which she would tie me to a giant cross to paralyse me, then she would cut my wrists and drink my blood (which is cursed). Pain would overtake her and she would scream so loud in agony that the windows would break and let in the sun, and she would burn to death. Something like that.

Have you had any weird dreams lately? Or any dreams at all? For all I know, I was born a living dream-catcher.


Random Rhyming

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I’d totally look like this now if I could.

Once there was a cloud in my place

And I was wearing a forgotten face

A star fell and crashed into my eye

Caged in my iris, A lost little firefly

I bled and my mask shattered in the sky

We fell towards love, towards Earth to die

Crashing into the cold thundering waves,

Still in motion, I beheld this watery grave

With darkness at all sides she shone alight

And all the shadows dissipated from our sight

Arising from the oceans, gifted with wings

Embracing this fire like reborn twins

I like random rhyming, I really do. Mostly because it leaves some sublimity to the text. I mean, this is not completely random. And not too cheesy either. It took me like 2-5 minutes to write and I just came up with sentences and rhymes as I went along, yet it tells me (and perhaps the readers as well) about a love story, maybe an outcast person who finds love and “crash” into a new way of thinking, new spirituality, new ways of living. Oh, how love can change our lives so dramatically… I really love random rhyming.


Today’s Question: What have you been up to lately, you minxy bastards? (minxy = flirty, impudent, promiscuous)

The Fog Returns

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Did anyone (in Sweden) notice the dense fog tonight? I just returned home after a sweet night cruising the roads with my friends, and on the way home we were greeted by this fog that looked like it came from a horror movie. We drove in two groups in two cars, and at one point we split up because the others wanted to take a longer way home by some stupid reason, while I and my trustful crew knew the shortest way. Back to the subject: this is the thickest fog I have ever experienced! Parts of the road go through a dark forest, and in there our vision was, at best, limited to a mere 4-5 feet in front of the car. Very black metal, indeed.

The only things we could rely on for orientation were distant streetlights, road markers and the moon. All around us were claustrophobic grey walls clutching the protective hull of the car as we pumped techno beats out into the unknown. It felt like we were in that movie, The Mist, where a whole town is drowned in fog and with the fog the monsters come…

I couldn’t take any good photos because of the darkness, but these where taken when the fog dispersed.

It was both scary and cool. We were all relieved when we reached familiar grounds and the fog lost its grip… but dayum, what a night! We have been cruising since … 22:30! I Have not heard much from the others, though. They are not far away I believe, I bet I will hear them knocking on my door at any time. The first thing I did when I came home was looking at myself in the mirror which made me laugh, because I look like a worn-out prostitute. Well, now I am off to bed. Cheers!

Gunshot Wounds and Skies

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There’s a hole in the sky but a gunshot wound in my heart.


For the big version follow this >link< to my DeviantArt gallery.

Where The Wild Things Are (4/5)

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I did not have much to do this day, so I convinced my brother we were going to watch Where The Wild Things Are. I hated the book when I was a kid, because to me it was so freaking scary! Still, it has a great nostalgic value to me and so I have wanted to see this film ever since I saw the trailer last year.

The film is about a child, Max. You could say he has a slightly traumatized mind, and an imaginative one as well. One night after a fight with his mother he runs away into the wild. He finds a boat resting on a shore, and after taking off he ends up in the land of the wild things. His first impression of the place is very chaotic, and already you can see an emotional struggle going on. Max convinces the monsters that he is their king -a very powerful being- and that his quest is to set things straight again.

Where The Wild Things Are is a very beautiful film, yet it’s equally depressing. The land of the wild things has passed its golden age, and everyone is longing for the world as it used to be. There are many sad and hateful expressions, tear-filled eyes and suffering. Max really struggles to make everyone happy again, but all the negativity has been going on for too long and has already left its scars, constantly reminding us about the kind of wounds that never fully heal.

This is one of the handful of films that has nearly made me cry, that really left me with a sad feeling in my stomach. I love the characters and their personalities, the world they live in and all the wonders that lie within…but it also brings me down that nothing really gets better, it only wears out and gets worse. Once you have left your golden days there is no returning back, and that is kind of what this story is about, but there is also an underlying plot that is deeper than that, which I will let you discover on your own.

I strongly recommend this very personal, up-and-down film. I give it 4 stars. Now go see it.

Think Big

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it’s not about the flying.

You are part of the Universe. That means you are part of infinity. The energy which holds together the molecules and atoms of which you are built also holds together the foundation of this whole world.

All is one and one is all. You are special. You are one individual, and at the same time you are everything. You are me as I am you, for the energy that composes our bodies intertwines with all living things.

Behind every molecular structure, between every proton and electron there is a vast area; a network of binding force that has both the power to destroy stars & planets and the power to give birth to them, or just enough to keep your mind ticking. It pulsates through minerals, it breathes through our lungs, it whispers in the wind, it grows in the trees.

Let us give this wonderful network of power a name… It can be anything: Pac-man, God or even Bob… We are all involved in this; we are all God, together. I am God. You are God.

Think big.

I Like Horror Movies

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1. …where you don’t really care about the main characters and the killer is like the hero, and you go all “Yeah, go get ’em Jason! Oh no, they don’t need those heads! Cut ’em off!” And you laugh from beginning to end…Like The Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or Halloween. It does not have to be a slasher movie just because I’ve only mentioned slashers, but all horror movies where the bad guy is the cool guy and the good guy is a nobody whose friends you want to see torn to shreds!

2. …because they either make me laugh, or their atmosphere  seizes me. I love The Thing and Alien just because of their powerful atmosphere and the dark environments. The Exorcist used to scare the shit out of me when I was a small kid. Among the ridiculous and funny ones belong Evil Dead 2, Braindead and Re-Animator. They are hilarious to watch!

3. …that are so violent that they almost make you turn away, like most torture-porn films do. I cannot stand watching needles piercing eyes, nails and teeth being pulled out and fingers being cut off. You know, the small parts of the body are the most feely parts. I can’t really come up with any example for this type of film so I will let you do that!

Borrowed from The Gebster’s series “Scariest Horror Movie Scenes”, check them out!

Question: What kind of horror movies do you prefer watching? (and don’t forget to name a torture porn movie!)