Film Fest II

Hey, you didn’t expect I would punch you in the face with another “film festival”, did you? Well, I needed one so bad I decided to have one! This time I only saw 3 films since the first one was a bit long; usually I watch 4-5 films. I mean, it’s Saturday and all!

Naan Kadavul (I Am God) [2009] (4/5)

Naan Kadavul is a quite cool film, and funny too. There is not much of a plot really, but the whole thing starts with a father looking for his son Rudran, who he abandoned in Kasi 14 years ago. He soon finds his son, that now has become an Aghori (kind of religious sect of ascetic, cannibalistic, lawless outcasts) and believes himself to be God. The film then switches focus to a group of deformed beggars being controlled by Thandavan, an evil thug that collects their money. The blind girl Hamsavalli is also kidnapped from her father by Thandavan’s men because of her beautiful singing voice. Rudran is later involved in the situation.

The whole film is a bit “wandering”, so to speak. Sometimes it follows Rudran, and sometimes it follows the beggars and sometimes Thandavan. Especially in the middle, the film focuses solely on the beggars for a very long time. Therefore, Naan Kadavul is not a film for everyone since it does not follow a red line. The best parts are of course the ones where we get closer to Rudran, he is such an interesting person! He is an anti-hero you could say, as he sees himself as God, he can do whatever he wishes and therefore he is not bound by any laws. His arrogance might bother most people, but I still love him and the rest of the movie. Very special.

Daybreakers [2009] (3/5)

Daybreakers stands out a bit from other modern vampire films. The setting is the Earth in 2019, where humans are nearly extinct and vampires have taken over. The corrupt blood bank is farming some of the last humans for he last drops of blood, while scientists try to create a blood substitute to replace humans and allow them to reproduce. However, the lack of human blood makes the vampires mutate into feral beasts, which drives the companies to desperation. Edward, one of the scientists, feels sorry for the human race and decides to find another way to save them (hmm, maybe a cure that turns vampires into humans?) and it doesn’t take long until he comes in contact with a small group of surviving humans.

This is an all right horror film. A quite interesting idea for the plot, but you notice they have not really thought it through. Vampires are very careful with spreading their race,  which they do not seem to be in this film. Also, the end is made to look like a happy ending, but if you really think it through for a moment, as I did with my friends, you will see that the ending is quite grim. Also, the CGI is very poor, making the film look as if it is four or five years older, maybe more. The gore FX were nice though, especially some scenes where people tear each other apart. And I like Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill, who both bring the film up to three stars.

Fantastic Mr. Fox [2009] (5/5)

In this hilarious and wonderfully animated stop-motion film about the struggle between nature and industry, we get to see Mr. Fox, an ex chicken thief that has recently moved to a new house since his wife got pregnant. When buying the house, he was well aware that the house was located in one of the most dangerous places for foxes to live in, mostly because of the three horrible farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean that own the lands. Mr. Fox’s plan is to attempt one last raid, which brings him to a never-ending war with the farming industries.

This film gave me lots of laughs! The characters are played by great actors and are well designed. The environment is beautiful as well as the animation. It is lovely to see that stop-motion hasn’t died yet. As soon as the film ended I realized that I could watch this over and over again for a very long time. I greatly recommend this film!


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  1. Många bra filmer ^^

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