Whatup for the Weekend?

This song makes me really happy, I play it a lot.

I thought I would be watching film by now… Turned out I will play games instead with some friends that just invited themselves in. I don’t really know what we’re going to play but maybe I will check back here later and tell you guys? Yeah, that might actually be a bit of fun.

I thought I would be home from school today, but apparently I wasn’t. Instead I have been working with SQL and tedious stuff like that. Yeah… I thought I would have some nice little picture or text to show you, but I guess I will do that later. After all, there is a lot I haven’t shown you yet!

Now give me a smile and I’ll see ya for a while!


By the way: Have you got any plans for this weekend? Anything special? No? What do you humans usually do on weekends? I want to know!


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