Threats on the Net and Shooting Nerds

I would be so scared if this guy came to my school and started shooting Nintendo lasers at people.

Friday last week, some loser announced somewhere on the Internet that he was planning for a school massacre this day. Supposedly he is aiming for KTH, one of the bigger schools in Stockholm, which also shares rooms with my school, DSV. The reasons why he wants to do this, is because his girlfriend dumped him (I can already see why) and also he wants to beat the school-shooting in Finland last year with higher kill count. Or something.

What do I think about this? Well, first off…If I ever get to meet this guy, I would have to tell him to fucking grow up. “God” knows if this threat is a joke, but whether it is or not, he is still a douchebag. This means me and the group I am working with have to work on another location. I nearly skipped school today, and that would have really sucked. I really don’t think he would dare to do it, but still… Gotta be on the safe side…

But what really bothers me is not that I nearly missed out on important school work, but that some nerd have to drag other people down with him because of some trivial problem that mostly anyone else has gone through without making such a big deal about it. I mean come on! School massacres are so lame! It’s all so 2009… Did he really think his girlfriend would take him back if he threatens to kill as many people he can before he dies? Really? Must have been one hell of a mind-challenged guy.

I mean…Dayum. And I thought I was a bitch.

Update: The guy was caught by police this morning, apparently he excused the whole thing as a joke… I don’t think it was meant as a joke, but I think that at the time he posted his comments he was so angry he didn’t know what consequences his actions would get. Stupid.


3 Responses to “Threats on the Net and Shooting Nerds”

  1. Vi har ju pratat lite om det här idag, men nej jag vill inte ens tänka på om något hade hänt.

  2. Woah, I know this post is quite old but such rage you must have felt at that time! :-O I mean, the post seems really angry and scornful. I guess you were really scared and upset about everything but when I read or hear about such “I’m gonna blow up school and kill every motherfucker”-things, I’m always trying to understand the person who comes up with such a threat instead of being judgmental. Maybe I would react differently if it came closer to me and actually happened at my school, sports club or something similar. I dunno. I mean, it’s always easy to bullshit about what you would and wouldn’t do but when it actually happens you react in another way than you thought you would. So maybe I would be angry too due to the shock. That’s also why I try to see it from your point of view. ^^

    Perhaps you were also a bit sarcastic in this post and didn’t mean everything that serious, ’cause I know you sometimes can be very sarcastic. It’s harder to tell from a text than from an actual face to face conversation, but I imagine that you might have been a little ironic about this. But still, I want to point out that I like to see this whole situation from another pov (and that’s easy for me to say, ofc, as I weren’t there when it happened). Like, ofc you shouldn’t blow up your school just because your girlfriend dumped you (or, for any reason at all) but being dumped isn’t necessarily a trivial problem. The fact that most people go through it at least once in their lives doesn’t make it less painful, especially not for people who are very fragile and unstable already before the breakup (which I assume this guy must have been, otherwise he wouldn’t write such things I think).

    If you ever dumped me, my whole world would break down. 😦 Like, when I think about the possibility it could happen one day it fucking hurts my heart so much that I almost start to cry. (I like to think that we’ll stay together forever but one can never know what the future brings, so if I try to imagine a break-up in order to understand what other people might feel when going through one… well, then that’s how _I_ feel and that’s just a small part of how I would actually feel if it happened).

    Btw, I wonder what happened to this guy after all? :-O

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