Three Things

…I like about myself? Well, you are the ones that think I am hot so you tell me.

Haha, no… I am just kidding as always. I was inspired by my friend Placebohoe’s post this day about being happy with yourself as you are.  She encouraged her readers to post three things about their appearance that they like. Here is my share:

1. My weird hair that always goes its own way.

2. My big Vallonian nose. It’s just so non-Swedish!

3. My orcish teeth! You’ve gotta love those fangs, don’t you!? So characteristic and unique! (I was going to say my hairy hobbit feet, but that would have been a turn-off, wouldn’t it?)


What do YOU like about yourselves? I like you just like you are, sexy and all… but do you hold any specific features that you are extraordinary proud of wearing?


2 Responses to “Three Things”

  1. Asbra inlägg, kul att jag kan inspirera :D:D:D

  2. Asbra inlägg , kul att jag kan inspirera 🙂

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