Featured Art!

Hey, just want to tell you that my Valentine’s Day picture has been featured on DeviantArt!

What do I mean with featured? It means that an artist is displaying my art so that others can see it and find my gallery easier. Yay! I am not the most active person on DeviantArt, but this means one step further up! *performs happy dance*

Here is a >link< to redwolf518’s post where he features me and many others.


6 Responses to “Featured Art!”

  1. vad roligt det där med deviantart, alltså jag får börja hänga där igen 😛 ska nog lägga upp en bild idag ^^ Och ja LATEX is teh shit 😛

  2. Haha la precis upp en bild och det var någon som la till den på favoriter på den gång ja ba :O:O:O:O:O

  3. Yay, you feel hell special when someone features your art, hey.

    I’m not suprised Jacob, this one is great.

  4. Ragnhild Says:

    Congrats!! 😀 You totally deserved it though. I’m so happy for you 😀

  5. […] Here is the link to my previous art feature. […]

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