I Like Horror Movies

1. …where you don’t really care about the main characters and the killer is like the hero, and you go all “Yeah, go get ’em Jason! Oh no, they don’t need those heads! Cut ’em off!” And you laugh from beginning to end…Like The Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or Halloween. It does not have to be a slasher movie just because I’ve only mentioned slashers, but all horror movies where the bad guy is the cool guy and the good guy is a nobody whose friends you want to see torn to shreds!

2. …because they either make me laugh, or their atmosphere  seizes me. I love The Thing and Alien just because of their powerful atmosphere and the dark environments. The Exorcist used to scare the shit out of me when I was a small kid. Among the ridiculous and funny ones belong Evil Dead 2, Braindead and Re-Animator. They are hilarious to watch!

3. …that are so violent that they almost make you turn away, like most torture-porn films do. I cannot stand watching needles piercing eyes, nails and teeth being pulled out and fingers being cut off. You know, the small parts of the body are the most feely parts. I can’t really come up with any example for this type of film so I will let you do that!

Borrowed from The Gebster’s series “Scariest Horror Movie Scenes”, check them out!

Question: What kind of horror movies do you prefer watching? (and don’t forget to name a torture porn movie!)


5 Responses to “I Like Horror Movies”

  1. ja du vet vad jag gillar men jag kan nämna några som innehåller nålar i ögonen, nålar i andra ställen, naglar osv.

    Första guinea pig filmen, se slutscenen om du vill se en häftig nål genom ögat scen och en nagel dras av.
    Imprint – Nålar i tandköttet.
    TCM -remake då drags naglar av mot en vägg.
    ja dem jag kom på nu, haha inte många alls, damn me FAIL ^^

  2. Ragnhild Says:

    LOVE HORROR MOVIES! I agree with you, the small parts seem so much worse to cut off than big parts. Like I’d rather see a man loose his leg than his fingernails… creepy. I like horrors about demons and people getting obsessed. But my favourites are the ones where you go “YAY, KILL’EM JASON”! x)

  3. Horror Movies are the best! Halloween was good! Can’t beat Jason of Friday the 13th. It sure doesn’t seem like the make them like they use to. Now I know I’m getting old I’m starting to sound like my parents.

    • I agree, definitely! Nowadays people rely too much on cheap CGI instead of the old-fashioned latex masks and animatronix, which in my opinion looks way better. There is much more skill in good make-up than good CGI, no matter how good you make the effects look, you immediately see if it is computer-made. To amplify my point I mention Aliens, The Thing and The Fly re-make…computer effects can’t measure up to that.
      My favourite horror film series when I was a tenager was Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. They’re awesome!

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