Think Big

it’s not about the flying.

You are part of the Universe. That means you are part of infinity. The energy which holds together the molecules and atoms of which you are built also holds together the foundation of this whole world.

All is one and one is all. You are special. You are one individual, and at the same time you are everything. You are me as I am you, for the energy that composes our bodies intertwines with all living things.

Behind every molecular structure, between every proton and electron there is a vast area; a network of binding force that has both the power to destroy stars & planets and the power to give birth to them, or just enough to keep your mind ticking. It pulsates through minerals, it breathes through our lungs, it whispers in the wind, it grows in the trees.

Let us give this wonderful network of power a name… It can be anything: Pac-man, God or even Bob… We are all involved in this; we are all God, together. I am God. You are God.

Think big.


6 Responses to “Think Big”

  1. Vilken bra blogg du har 🙂

  2. Du behöver inte välja filmer från min lilla ruta, för dem har jag sett 😛 jag vill ha nya filmer, den rutan var bara för att ha en bild liksom ^^

  3. Jo jag kommer ihåg 🙂

    • Vad kul 🙂

      Fast min novell är ju nästan identisk med din förutom att den är skriven på ett annorlunda sätt och har några extra detaljer och förändringar, så ifall någon tycker om min novell så är det ju tack vare din novell, som i så fall ska ha all credit för det 😀

  4. Sometimes I find great comfort in this way of thinking. Other times it scares the hell out of me.

    • Yeah I understand that type of feeling. For me, it depends on how abstract the level of my thinking is; it becomes scary when I realize what is happening if some things are true, but I want to embrace my fears so I guess it is okay in the end 😛

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