Where The Wild Things Are (4/5)

I did not have much to do this day, so I convinced my brother we were going to watch Where The Wild Things Are. I hated the book when I was a kid, because to me it was so freaking scary! Still, it has a great nostalgic value to me and so I have wanted to see this film ever since I saw the trailer last year.

The film is about a child, Max. You could say he has a slightly traumatized mind, and an imaginative one as well. One night after a fight with his mother he runs away into the wild. He finds a boat resting on a shore, and after taking off he ends up in the land of the wild things. His first impression of the place is very chaotic, and already you can see an emotional struggle going on. Max convinces the monsters that he is their king -a very powerful being- and that his quest is to set things straight again.

Where The Wild Things Are is a very beautiful film, yet it’s equally depressing. The land of the wild things has passed its golden age, and everyone is longing for the world as it used to be. There are many sad and hateful expressions, tear-filled eyes and suffering. Max really struggles to make everyone happy again, but all the negativity has been going on for too long and has already left its scars, constantly reminding us about the kind of wounds that never fully heal.

This is one of the handful of films that has nearly made me cry, that really left me with a sad feeling in my stomach. I love the characters and their personalities, the world they live in and all the wonders that lie within…but it also brings me down that nothing really gets better, it only wears out and gets worse. Once you have left your golden days there is no returning back, and that is kind of what this story is about, but there is also an underlying plot that is deeper than that, which I will let you discover on your own.

I strongly recommend this very personal, up-and-down film. I give it 4 stars. Now go see it.


9 Responses to “Where The Wild Things Are (4/5)”

  1. Hej hopp 🙂

    Jobbar på att bloggen ska bli bättre 😉

    Namnet Her Ghost in the Fog kommer ifrån att jag förr blev kallad för “Lill Dani” (för folk tyckte att jag påminde om Dani filth med mitt långa svarta hår). Och många såg mig som “A ghost in the fog” för jag vandrade omkring och dök upp för ingenstans :P..

    Och varför inte döpa sin blogg till sin favorit grupp och sång 🙂

    Nu vet du den korta versionen på varför den heter så 🙂

  2. Det är ganska så få som lyssnar på denna musik idag.. ganska så trist 😦

    Så vad ska du göra idag då?

  3. Precis!Inte är inte varje dag man ser en svartklädd lite metalare i stan.. och det är synd.. fast jag känner många som lyssnar på sån musik 🙂

    Jodå det är bara bra med mig.. planerar in middagen 🙂

  4. Blev kassler sås, pasta och vitlöks bröd 🙂

  5. Men det är ju våffeldagen ju 🙂 klart man ska äta våfflor då 🙂

  6. Denna är så bra 😀

  7. When I watched this movie, I had no expectations but still felt disappointed afterwards, like: “Is this everything?” I also thought that Max was a spoiled little brat, while at the same time empathizing him because the adult world was so boring and didn’t have time for him. I remembered how it felt when I was a kid and the adult world treated me like that. So, I both felt empathy and irritation. At last, I also felt as if the story was a little bit boring. But I think I might look at the whole film from another perspective today. I feel as if there are a lot of symbols to be found in it and that I’ve changed so maybe I can appreciate it now. I want to watch it again sometime soon. Maybe with you? ❤

    • I think what I liked so much about the film was the “nothingness” in it. It’s more like a “this is happening”-film, and that’s totally fine to me. I’d love to see this film with you, maybe it is my opinion that will change afterwards 😛

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