Random Rhyming

I’d totally look like this now if I could.

Once there was a cloud in my place

And I was wearing a forgotten face

A star fell and crashed into my eye

Caged in my iris, A lost little firefly

I bled and my mask shattered in the sky

We fell towards love, towards Earth to die

Crashing into the cold thundering waves,

Still in motion, I beheld this watery grave

With darkness at all sides she shone alight

And all the shadows dissipated from our sight

Arising from the oceans, gifted with wings

Embracing this fire like reborn twins

I like random rhyming, I really do. Mostly because it leaves some sublimity to the text. I mean, this is not completely random. And not too cheesy either. It took me like 2-5 minutes to write and I just came up with sentences and rhymes as I went along, yet it tells me (and perhaps the readers as well) about a love story, maybe an outcast person who finds love and “crash” into a new way of thinking, new spirituality, new ways of living. Oh, how love can change our lives so dramatically… I really love random rhyming.


Today’s Question: What have you been up to lately, you minxy bastards? (minxy = flirty, impudent, promiscuous)


5 Responses to “Random Rhyming”

  1. an original theme and a well written poem.

  2. Hej och godmorgon på dig 🙂
    Hur mår du idag?

  3. Ragnhild Says:

    Wow, awesome picture xD Loved the smile! And the poem was pretty 🙂 (sounds childish to say pretty, but I meant that it was beautiful.)

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