Living Dream-catcher

I remember one  childhood dream, in which I was trapped with my family in a wickedly tall apartment building and were chased by ravenous muppets. Instead of stairs there were blue and orange ladders, and while I was climbing one of them, a giant red muppet came from behind and ate my shoe! Later on I was alone in a room at the top of the building, when in through the wall a giant, blue furry sea cucumber crashed. It had a red single eye and talked to me with a deep adult voice, then shot out its tendrils and ate my other shoe! I mean, wtf!? When we finally escaped (the building collapsed) and got home, we found our house haunted and surrounded by bat swarms…

In one of my most recent dreams, which was very cinematic (I mean WOW really cinematic!), I was a century-old vampire covered in scars, and my bride was Elisabeth Bathory. She wanted me to turn her, but as vampires always do in films, I rejected her will (because my blood was somehow tainted and cursed), and this fuelled her belief that bathing in virgins’ blood would turn her into one. Most of the time we bathed in blood-filled tubs, or I watched her seducing naive virgins, haha.

When I woke up, I was so fascinated by how cinematic it was, so I came up with this idea for a wonderful horror film, and I made up the end in which she would tie me to a giant cross to paralyse me, then she would cut my wrists and drink my blood (which is cursed). Pain would overtake her and she would scream so loud in agony that the windows would break and let in the sun, and she would burn to death. Something like that.

Have you had any weird dreams lately? Or any dreams at all? For all I know, I was born a living dream-catcher.


7 Responses to “Living Dream-catcher”

  1. oh, I love talking about dreams! because there are so many different and weird ones. I know my dream sound totally strange, but today I dreamt that I was getting awfully fat, and I strictly remember in my dream that I took a look at one of my bra’s, which was completely stretched out and ruined… The reason why I remember that so wekk is because it seemed so real, so when I woke up I was terrified of being a fat monster. – Dreams can be scary.
    Lately I’ve dreamt something every night. Kind of odd how we can remember these weird things 🙂

  2. Yeah I dream a lot of weird stuff, almost every night. Just Recently I dreamt I was a gorilla, and my friends were different types of primates and everything was set in 1800 I think, and we lurked in narrow alleys of some old Victorian city I believe…Trying to expose a chimpanzee plotting to dominate the place, Idk…reaaally weird ^^

    I usually write my dreams down to analyze them for any symbols or hidden meanings…they say our minds cannot generate randomness. It’s just the way our subconscious self speaks 🙂

  3. Hejsan på dig 🙂
    Vad händer hos dig idag?

  4. Glad påsk!
    Idag ska jag ta de lugnt faktiskt.. bara vara för mig själv och äta påskgodis och inte öppna dörren för alla gummor/gubbar som kommer..

    Vad ska du göra idag?

  5. DarkDoctor Says:

    What an imaginative article, I have never seen such a good article!

  6. I know it was a while ago and maybe you have come to understand what the dream was about… but I would really like to try and interpret that childhood dream sometime soon! Like, you tell me during which period it was dreamt and then I try to interpret it.

    • I have no idea what it meant. Thinking about it, I’m amazed by myself, realizing I have more clear memories of childhood dreams than of my actual childhood. 🙂

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