Four numbers

I would love to see if anyone could spot the symbols in this picture.

I try to keep it a promise that I always upload at least one post every Saturday, therefore I should appropriately apologise to myself for the lack of such. Yesterday I didn’t wake up until very late because I live in Sweden, and the rest of the day I was busy with friends, playing Gears of War 2 (<3) and the making of the picture above.

Four numbers, staring back at me
Displaying the mediocrity of my presence
I’m wasting my day watching them change
The sun with it’s blue sky outside
Shining down on all you happy people
I’m wasting my day waiting for rain
Need more methods to end each day
To be happy by living this way

– Quiet World by Katatonia


3 Responses to “Four numbers”

  1. ingen fara 🙂
    I helgen har jag varit på fest och en polare har varit här och hjälpt mig med min blogg 🙂

    Vad händer idag då?

  2. Åh snygg 😉 Ja den är annorlunda, men snygg 🙂 kram

  3. I like this picture. Looking at it and trying to find the symbols really made it tingle in my third eye area. ^^

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