Deviantly Lucky

I am one happy bitch.

I was featured once again on DeviantArt, Wohoo! This time it was not just any of my artwork, but my whole art channel! Neurasthenique encouraged others to take a look at my gallery, she really seems to like it which makes me very happy! Also, she has like 20000 pageviews and over a thousand deviations (= artwork), which is like ten times more than my statistics, and still we have both been active for an equally long time. Here is the >link< to her post.

I don’t really know what else to say, a lot of things have happened over one night. I have got many visitors and people who chose my art as their favourite, for which I am very grateful. In return I will display some images:

Here is the link to my previous art feature.


6 Responses to “Deviantly Lucky”

  1. Hejsan.. sorry för att jag varit seg på att svara.. varit på mini semester några dagrar.. idag har man kommit hem och börjat städa en massa.. vad händer idag då?

  2. Hej och godmorgon 🙂
    Allt väl idag?

  3. Så häftiga bilder!!!!! 😀

  4. Wow, these are amazing (love the poster behind you x) )
    Can I just ask you something? what program do you use to make all of these pictures?? ^^

    • The only picture that is edited on the computer is the one down to the right. I make the digital pictures i TGF2, which is actually made for making 2D-games, lol. It works out because it has layers that work better than in photoshop, and you can create images with similar tools.
      Photoshop doesn’t want to work on my computer, but one day I will make it work 🙂


  5. I love you so much and this is one of the reasons as to why: your creativity and artistic talent! ♥

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