Kick-Ass (5/5)

Is it that obvious it kicked ass? Well, it truly did!

When I first saw the teaser trailer I thought: “Looks quite cool and could be funny, but it really looks like any other teen comedy I have seen.” Then, shortly after my brother asked me if I wanted to join him on the première on April 9th, and I thought “yeah, why not?” He also showed me the second trailer, which is a bit more….”correct”, so to speak. I loved it and was very surprised, since it showed a completely different side of the film. Awesome! A couple of days later we saw it, and I was simply blown away…

The movie is about Dave Lizewski. He is literally invisible to everyone in school, apart from his friends. Katie is his biggest crush, but she doesn’t notice him either and he is to shy to ask her out. He is a fan of superhero comics, and one day he asks his friends: “How come no one’s ever tried being a superhero?” A few days later, a video pops up on youtube showing a vigilante in a scuba diving suit called “Kick-Ass”, getting his ass kicked by three gang members. This particularly weird event sets off a wave of newcomer superheroes like Big Daddy, Hit-Girl and Red Mist; a sudden wave that strikes back against crime with such force that the local Mafia boss Frank D’Amico is greatly worried…and frustrated.

I have really nothing else to say other than you must see this movie! I do not want to spoil too much, because I realized that Matthew Vaughn deliberately chose to show a trailer that made Kick-Ass look like a typical teenage comedy to really bring out the element of surprise out of it. I call this “The Kick-Ass Effect”, which is when you believe something to be average, but when watching it you are blown away by its awesomeness!

Also, I will cite a review on the film by some Mark Brown guy on imdb:

“Watching “Kick Ass” is ultimately like being on a thrill-ride, it doesn’t just want to dazzle you, it’s wants to draw you in, ride the wave and leave the cinema on a high. And it doesn’t do that with gimmicks or tried and tested formula’s, it breaks the mold, shakes conventions and wants you to be surprised while complementing all the movies you already love. It’s not just a movie, it’s a standard, one that promises to prove movies like this can be written with great heart and brain.
And ultimately you’ll be leaving the screen thinking “Wow, let’s do that again” no matter how many agains come before it.”

This film is proof of “Never judge a book by its cover”, you will know what I mean when you have seen it. Mark Brown gave Kick-Ass 10 out of 10, and I give it 5 out of fucking 5.


One Response to “Kick-Ass (5/5)”

  1. Åhh ska bli så kul att se denna! :D:D:D Kul att du gillade den så mycket!

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