The Impact of an Artist

Let’s talk a little more about me. Just to waste time. I commented on Charlie’s blog, in one of her posts she talked about her art and why she is doing what she does, and my comment was not really short because reading her post inspired me a bit and I kind of feel the same about dark, evil and grotesque stuff. I have pasted my comment below and edited it a bit, so it will be a bit more “entertaining” and readable. Perhaps, it might be a chance for you to get to know me better.

“I just like dark stuff… and I have always been the deviant one in my family, even since I was born…Oh well, we are four quite deviant brothers in the family, but I think the others will agree that I am the weirdest of us on the inside. If you ever knew me as a kid or have seen videos of me as a baby you will see I was weird even then.

I lived in the imaginary, and until I was 2-3 years old I was nearly unreachable. It is obvious that my favourite interest became creating. Not painting, not playing, just creating. Often when playing with other kids, I found it hard to express my feelings and thoughts in words; they where simply not enough for me. Instead I went home, drew a picture of my thoughts and went back to play, sometimes finding that the others had grown tired of waiting for me and gone home.

Apart from mechanisms like life experience and different religious beliefs you could almost say that I have always been the same. If something has changed, it must be my way of thinking, and how I interact with people. But my “dark” interests, weird imagination and creativity have always existed within my twisted little mind.

As an artist, hehe I should really stop ranting soon, but, I like to have an impact on people. I want my art to make people think, not just receive comments like: “ooh, it so beautiful!” But more like when I showed my art to some colleagues in school: “Oh, how beau- WHAT IS THAT!? Oh my god, that looks painful! That poor thing!

That is the kind of reaction or thoughts I want to give people; I want them to accept and embrace the darker sides of life, not run away from it. I have lived in that dark zone for as long as I can remember…and I have never truly seen the sun like you people do, but There is no reason to run away from evil and hope that the dark corners of the Earth will never reach you, but truth is, you have always been there.


One Response to “The Impact of an Artist”

  1. Ragnhild Says:

    oh my god !!! I love that picture O_O it’s FA**ING amazing! and the pain in it is really showing! great! And thanks for linking me ^^
    I agree with you in many places ^^ It’s like as if people notice it more when it’s grotesque, and wonder what on earth they thought when they wanted to make such a horrible (not bad) picture ^^

    replay; no problem ^^ I want to be able to congratulate you!

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