Feeling Popular

In this post I want to thank all the deviants (on deviantArt) for favouring my art, following my profile and decorating my page with flattering comments! This week I have been busy 24/7 with replying comments while finishing requests standing in line. At the same time, my artsy side has been at war with school, so I have a ton of half-ways done artwork and an equal bunch of half-ways done school assignments!

That was kind of all I wanted to say for today. Oh, and I am downloading some mods for Mount & Blade, so I will try some of them out tonight (or, is it morning now? I don’t know, I live in the Swedish polar darkness)… See if they are any good. As soon as I am finished with some of the new drawings and sketches I will post them here, but if you wish you can always stay updated via my deviantArt page. I am always online. No, I am not a community addict…*sarcasm*…


One Response to “Feeling Popular”

  1. vad snällt 🙂 Jo jag har det likadant med halvdana grejer med konsten och skolan, blir ju lätt så när man vill göra en sak, men måste göra något annat också. SKa iaf bli kul imorgon! 🙂

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