As The Candle Fades

Before the last burning candle fades
I bless those memories I’ve discarded
Took for granted my last days of hope
Every second here…another heavy burden

Alone I sit, decaying in gloom
Inside this room filled with misery
Inside this cocoon of withered thoughts
Now dusk lies behind, and before me eternal night

The hour-glass is resting at it’s edge
Countless scars ornamenting my arms
A thousand wrongs, echoes from the past
The moon is leaving me without light

So far from the forgiving hours of day
And as the nightmares crawl slowly into my head
My chest grows weaker, the air grows thinner
And the last burning candle….fades away…


2 Responses to “As The Candle Fades”

  1. It was very interesting to listen to the music while reading the poem…they work so well together…thanks for both.

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