A Quick Update On Things

Check this band out, November’s Doom. They have some very good songs.

This week has been a very busy one. Most of my time has gone to studying for a “re-exam” and a long series of assignments of various sorts. I have had this wave of inspiration pulsing through my mind recent, but because of the aforementioned reasons, I have not had the time nor the ambition to finish or fulfill my ideas. What I am currently working on (art-wise) is a series of images, each one depicting one of the seven original deadly sins. My best friend Placebohoe was the one that gave me the idea, since she have already made her depicting of the sins. Sending thanks to her for theĀ  inspiration and recommend you to visit her blog.

Hopefully, some new texts or a film review might pop up in the future. Considering future, I wish you all a fortunate one until the next time!


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