The Willow

In my grandmother’s garden stands an old willow tree.

The willow is ruled by the moon, and so her personality is holding hands with many of the mystical aspects of the lunar realm. She is highly creative, have highly intuitive psychic sense and intelligence. Very aware of cyclic patterns, she knows that every situation has a season, and every season has its mark. This grants her a vast perspective on the many things in this world, which is also why her patience is so great for she knows the positives on both sides of things and how to gain from these.

With her intelligence comes a natural ability to retain knowledge, especially artistic or philosophical, and she often subliminally impress her company with the ability to expound on subjects plain from memory. Although utterly burning from within with passion and potentials, she has the tendency to hold herself back in fear of appearing flamboyant or overindulgent. Though it is her perception that will ultimately allow her true nature to come forth and shine in the sun; and that is what will lead her on the path of greatness in the future.

This is me. I am the willow.


One Response to “The Willow”

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