The Reed

I long for the silencing atmosphere of the reeds, whispering in the evening breeze.

The reed is a true secret keeper. She digs deep inside to the core to the real meaning of things, to discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. With her hands she unmasks almost anything, very easily and sometimes without strain. She loves stories, and is therefore easily drawn in by scandals, legend and lore. These tendencies would make her excellent as a historian, journalist, detective or maybe archaeologist. She may not show it, but deep inside she loves people, for they represent a diversity of meanings for her to interpret. They are like open wounds, with secrets literally bleeding through the skin under which their true selves hides.

An adept at coaxing people to attend to her, sometimes she might even appear as manipulative. However her strong sense of truth and honour will often prevent her to really hurt others, even though sometimes she does not realize that different people might react differently to her scheming. Deep inside, she has a longing for someone that is just like herself.

She is my companion and wingman-at-arms.


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