Revenge Is Not The Way!

Some, if not the majority of people seem to live by the famous words “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth“. If you do, I must apologize but I must contemplate over your wisdom, if such it can be called. The saying means, that if harm be done upon you, then the same harm be upon them who harmed you. It also means the opposite, so you cannot really use it for personal gain, because it creates an evil circle.

Think about what we have done to this Earth. If you fully believe in, or live by the above stated citation, then I guess that you agree to the extinction of homo sapiens, because of all the other species of animals that have gone extinct thanks to us…No?

But here is the funny thing: people would of course only use those words for personal gain. If you cut someone’s eye out or steal money from their purse, I bet that you would most likely not hand over the knife or the purse afterwards and say: “Hey, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… right?


One Response to “Revenge Is Not The Way!”

  1. du är vis. sista stycket är ju genialt också. :*

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