A Curious Kind of Journey

Not too long ago I had a period of absence, which of course had its reasons, as anything else. During roughly a week I have been on a weird little journey. I am not talking about my visit at my grandmother’s house (which, for your information, did occur during that one week), but the journey within me during the visit.

You see, up north (in Norrland) is were my family comes from, both my mother and my  father and their families. Whenever I am up there, I always get the feeling of belonging. It feels like my true home. My spirit is lifted whenever I am there or even think of the beautiful nature, that blooms in Summer and doubles in beauty during Autumn.

Quite obviously, it is therefore a great place for me to contemplate in; to think over past decisions; to clear my head and to remember joyful moments. I sometimes feel both sadness and happiness at the same time. Two days before my departure I spent a moment for myself in the garden house, just to meditate or listen to the silence. The stillness in the air was like that of some Eden and I could imagine and visualize  with ease, the colourful energies that built up my body and the nature around.

I left with calmness in my heart, and with reborn inspiration. Inspiration that had been sleeping this whole year. I love Norrland, but especially the nature there. I hope that some day I will live there, at least temporarily but if so, let it be for a long while. I will miss the dark forests, the rocky coastline and the cold breeze from the seas, the silhouetted hills against the setting sun and the flaming skies. Such an inspiration.


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