Dreaming Days

In a world of blur I stood utterly confused, trying in vain to concentrate on any details of what was before me. An angelic shape in dominating guise held firmly before its silhouetted face a scroll with some fading ancient text or message, and a booming voice echoed in my head: READ. It was a featureless voice, inhuman but not godly, heard but unheard, yet the power in it was immense and was merely tickling the border of shattering my fragile skull. And as I said, utterly confused I tried so hard to read the message; I really gave it the effort of my life, but like a dream it was too hard for anything vaguely human to even figure out one letter in all that blur. The overpowering being was standing amidst turbulent waves of thick white smoke, and a burning light crowned its image. Rays of this flaming light speared its way through several spots in the smoke; as a whole it seemed they were constructing a circle around the being. I could not focus enough to figure how great its wings were, but they stretched far and wide, shadowing parts of the golden light that shone from behind. I could not look elsewhere for more than a second before an immense power turned my gaze to the scroll by force. READ.


One Response to “Dreaming Days”

  1. Haha jag hittar det mesta på btjunkie.com ^^ Jo jag ska berätta det när jag har kommit på lite mer 😛

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