Laughing At Humans, Part I: The Inevitable Beginning

Evolution once pondered the thought of putting the idea of control over life into some species. The most fitting seemed the ape-men. They had already hands with fingers, and feet with toes. These were great at manipulating objects, and detailed ones at that. Therefore, it also seemed this species had the upper hand among other animals; for the others did not feature hands or feet alike that could manipulate with such precision. The apes could grip with their hands; grip stones and branches which could be tossed at hostile animals or used as tools. As they no longer had any natural enemies, they could reproduce fast and well. But many apes meant many mouths to feed, and the apes would have to seek better places for food and resources.

In the search of such places, it was not uncommon for them to stumble upon other apes, some more primitive in ways. These “other” apes had already claimed the territories that held fresh water and fruits, but the smarter ape-men outnumbered them, perhaps tricked them in some way and killed them. They threw rocks, debris and anything else that was hard and blunt.

Evolution laughed. It had brought forth a species which oppressed other species which inhabited the lands that the ape-men desired. And as the other species avoided these apes, they came to grow. They adapted to wherever they were, and at the same time they kept evolving.


2 Responses to “Laughing At Humans, Part I: The Inevitable Beginning”

  1. And those things became us today and all the people around us. It makes me a little sad and disgusted to think that I am part of this heritage, like I wanna wash it off myself but I can’t because it isn’t something that lies just on my surface… it’s too deep down in my system. I despise us human beings and wanna die every now and then to get rid of this feeling of being unclean (it’s the same thing when I think about my mother), while at the same time I can feel lucky to be alive. And although having a lot of apy mechanisms in my body, I do manage to ignore most of them for the mind and soul knows better.

    But to see that a lot of people haven’t progressed very much since back then makes me sad again. I mean, we can do amazing things with modern technic and we have something which, on the surface, looks like a civilized society. But actually, it’s quite much like back in those days. Humans in general are disgusting creatures, the stripes are never washed out… yes, sometimes this makes me so sad and disgusted that I don’t wish to live anymore. It’s like this Bright Eyes song I love:

    “Did it all get real?
    I guess it’s real enough
    They’ve got refrigerators full of blood
    Another century spent pointing guns
    At anything that moves”

    • Yeah, well, we are who we were as kids; we go by the same name, our thoughts circle the same subjects, only slightly adjusted by our environments. What differs from our childhood selves, apart from physical growth, is our level of consciousness. As we are still the same species as before apart from slight adjustments, enlightenment becomes our way towards change.

      In my eyes, I cannot do much to change human behaviour other than acknowledging it, since human behaviour is human behaviour. But what I can do is to increase my enlightenment and awareness; since one typically human trait is to adapt and to follow, the knowledge that radiates from enlightened minds will influence other minds as they follow. Thus, I am not working against human behaviour, but for it, so that this will be a more acceptable place to live in.

      Thinking each one of us is a mirror of the universe, and since each one of us is part of the wholeness of the universe, changes that occur in ourselves will soon occur in others as well.

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