Laughing At Humans, Part II: The Progression and Dividing of Groups

The ape-men then progressed for some additional thousands of years, until they had evolved into homo sapiens, when they suddenly paused.

Evolution was flabbergasted for just a moment. The humans had no other rivals left. The other apes were now so primitive in comparison that any threat against humanity was futile; not even worth being bothered by. The humans had, with much help from their own inventions, more or less taken over the world. Many other species had done so previously in Earth’s younger days, but none of them were as fully adapted or progressing as the humans.

The only rival now was humanity itself, and humans had divided into groups. Well, they had done so previously in history, and just like now, conflicts would bloom whenever these divided groups would meet. However, in these modern days, their inventions were far more advanced, and great wars were fought when in earlier years simple brawls had taken place.

But the dividing of humanity was far greater and far more complex than two battling sides. It began with a smaller group, surviving in a somewhat harsh world. The need to stick together was important. This group consisted of a handful of families, and each family consisted of a handful of individuals. As the groups grew, and more individuals came to birth, the shorter could these groups stay on each place as each individual meant another mouth to feed.

At some point it would become obvious that the group was to big for one leader to handle, for at some point there must be someone else that rises against this leader, and the strain upon the group would be too great when too many strive for leadership. Those that failed to take over the throne would build their own groups and go their own way. That group would follow the same process, and uncountable groups would build.

As a whole, all these groups would be seen as one; but as already stated, the conflict was great. Each group had it’s conflict in each of the three layers: the whole, the family, the individual. Every newborn meant another conflict was on it’s rise.

Humanity’s vast population in later days created a thought of the self as the only one to trust. Perhaps a brother or a sister or any other member of the family were trusted, but in a world when everyone had to uphold their individuality and separation from the mass; where¬† sister slay brother without remorse and vice versa, one could never be safe. Better keep a gun inside the jacket. Better to be safe than sorry.


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