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I Think

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…that I have been working hard this week, and therefore I deserve some apple pie. Or at least another cup of coffee. In other words, I just finished my final exam.


Above or Below

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My whole life passed
Without sleep
All too fast
Now I cannot see

Where I was
Where I died
Buried, or alive and withering?
Above…or below?

Uaral – Eternal Beauty of The Trees

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The Loss of Reality

Posted in Writings on September 10, 2010 by Eyeless

Some humans or sub-humans some time ago far away in history figured it would be fun to name things; just to ease their problems with orientation and communication perhaps; to simplify the means of understanding each other.  Perhaps this had always existed, firmly rooted in their minds; as firmly as it is today; and perhaps rooted in other animals as well.

However, with this new, slowly developing way of communicating came other problems. Not just misinterpretation of words or misunderstood sentences, but the worst problem was the bonding with these words and sentences and the dependence on them. Some words -especially the evaluating ones- would take over large parts of the new language, and were what understandable sentences depended on. Unfortunately, the words replaced meaning itself, and people tended not to see beyond these words they spoke. One started to talk about signifier and signified; meaning that sentences and communication itself had to be decoded to really understand what was signified.

Thus, the real and the obvious; the “real” reality; was forgotten and hidden in words, values, time and similar communicative inventions. Reality was now separated into two layers: the reality of the word and the reality of the world. The sad thing was -and still is- that the reality of the words seemed far more important than the obvious truth of the world, even though the words themselves seemed to lock people in limited, claustrophobic spaces. One could wonder if people let “fabricated” illusions take hold of their lives willingly, or if they were simply deceived. But sad it was, nonetheless.

Go Get ’em Tiger

Posted in Artwork on September 5, 2010 by Eyeless

Made this during my stay in Norrland, though the idea had been circling in my head for a long while until I finally finished it.

Laughing At Humans, Part III: The Completion of The Cycle

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It has been mentioned that Evolution was surprised by the sudden stop in the progressing of humanity. But perhaps Evolution was not surprised, for it is true that all that is progressing and alive, is Evolution. Perhaps It just realized the mistake it had made with the human ape, or maybe It already knew the complete cycle that an advancing species would progress through. A beginning with an idea and a lot of potential; potential being used to the fullest; full progression until every threat is neutralized; then comes the realisation of oneself having played the role as the biggest threat all along, which sooner or later would lead to self destruction.
Yes; for as already stated, Evolution had brought similar species to life before. They had all completed the cycle. Perhaps it was not Evolution itself that strived for control, but the human ape all along. They seized the moments of opportunity whenever they came and took control over them, to secure the well-being of the species. They were the ones that tried to control nature itself; they built great and impressive gardens, but would not allow anything in the garden could grow freely without permission; they killed anything living that did not obey their rules; everything that trespassed on their grounds; everything that stole from their property. Now they were growing without permission; disobeying the rules; trespassing on Earth; stealing from the property of all. It was time for the human species to complete it’s cycle.