The Loss of Reality

Some humans or sub-humans some time ago far away in history figured it would be fun to name things; just to ease their problems with orientation and communication perhaps; to simplify the means of understanding each other.  Perhaps this had always existed, firmly rooted in their minds; as firmly as it is today; and perhaps rooted in other animals as well.

However, with this new, slowly developing way of communicating came other problems. Not just misinterpretation of words or misunderstood sentences, but the worst problem was the bonding with these words and sentences and the dependence on them. Some words -especially the evaluating ones- would take over large parts of the new language, and were what understandable sentences depended on. Unfortunately, the words replaced meaning itself, and people tended not to see beyond these words they spoke. One started to talk about signifier and signified; meaning that sentences and communication itself had to be decoded to really understand what was signified.

Thus, the real and the obvious; the “real” reality; was forgotten and hidden in words, values, time and similar communicative inventions. Reality was now separated into two layers: the reality of the word and the reality of the world. The sad thing was -and still is- that the reality of the words seemed far more important than the obvious truth of the world, even though the words themselves seemed to lock people in limited, claustrophobic spaces. One could wonder if people let “fabricated” illusions take hold of their lives willingly, or if they were simply deceived. But sad it was, nonetheless.


2 Responses to “The Loss of Reality”

  1. I like your theory. I mean, what if? :S it’s strange thinking about

    • Thank you, and sorry for the late reply! It is a bit sarcastic, but nonetheless is it serious.

      It is based on the thought that the more “values” you bond with, the more you enclose yourself from the “true” image of the world. We all have some kind of bond to our family, friends, job, home, etc; but this bonding makes us think differently about these separate things which are so personal to us, and we separate them from the rest of the world, making these bonds more important than others. As you make something too personal, you make it individual and thus you forget that everything in the world is in fact one single thing; energy.

      Oops. Too much?

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