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I miss these old Lovecraftian, expressionism-inspired paintings. I should see to it that I make some more.



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A Decision Took Place

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>Strong Image<

And suddenly, I saw the young kid die; not in hopelessness nor in despair, but in determination, while I was the hopeless and despairing one; watching him slowly suffocate from the dust that is this wicked world.

Such A Weary Day

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A weird old depressive poem. I have tried posting new poems, but lacking inspiration pushed me to look through the archives of olden days.

Waking up with fire in my eyes,
And I find myself in such a weary day
My head is broken, hammered from inside
So confused, I want out, I don’t want to stay

The sky is leaning heavy on my shoulders
The discoloured clouds will wear me down
I compress myself, hide safely inside the shell
Sun’s golden crown fell tired yesterday

Rusted and Stained it hangs on the horizon grey
But the light that I miss so much is dead,
Or buried somewhere in the gloom of clouds
Any time now, I guess, I will drown in the rain…

I didn’t know until now that hope is all in vain
…That my strength had forgotten my arms, and left a wound
…That my disfigured body was trying to escape
But as the sky swallows the air, I know death will take me soon…

Another Pearl in Life

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I thought that, if the world won’t change,
we would never reach happiness
But she…
…created a whole new world in my eyes