Such A Weary Day

A weird old depressive poem. I have tried posting new poems, but lacking inspiration pushed me to look through the archives of olden days.

Waking up with fire in my eyes,
And I find myself in such a weary day
My head is broken, hammered from inside
So confused, I want out, I don’t want to stay

The sky is leaning heavy on my shoulders
The discoloured clouds will wear me down
I compress myself, hide safely inside the shell
Sun’s golden crown fell tired yesterday

Rusted and Stained it hangs on the horizon grey
But the light that I miss so much is dead,
Or buried somewhere in the gloom of clouds
Any time now, I guess, I will drown in the rain…

I didn’t know until now that hope is all in vain
…That my strength had forgotten my arms, and left a wound
…That my disfigured body was trying to escape
But as the sky swallows the air, I know death will take me soon…


4 Responses to “Such A Weary Day”

  1. “Rusted and Stained it hangs on the horizon grey”

    förlåt, men jag läste “on the horizon gay.”

  2. Vilka stumfilmer hade varit med på din topp-5 lista?:D

  3. Eftersom att jag har fobi för att kvävas och vara under vatten så var det ingen cool dröm för mig. Hatar att drömma sånt.

    Joorå det är bra sj?

  4. okej, joorå det går bra med filmen, jag klipper och Tomas hjälper till så det rullar framåt.

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