Mary and Max (5/5)

Mary and Max is a film about contrast in life, and communication. What brings Mary and Max together is the absence of friends, and a telephone directory. However, where Mary desperately searches for a friend even when constantly rejected, Max has trouble even understanding the word “friend”. The film follows their relationship throughout their lives, including conflicts, love, humour and anger; just what a life story should include.

The stark contrasts in Mary & Max are significant.

I love the cinematography of Mary and Max. The photo is dark with heavily saturated colours, which is what mainly creates the sad feeling of the film. Yes, it is a tragic film, but a beautifully tragic one and is constantly accompanied by a bizarre undertone. Mary’s life in the Australian suburb is sepia-coloured while Max’s flat in New York is almost completely colourless, as to emphasize the difference in their emotional state.

This is a film that makes you relate to the characters as if though you where their soul mate, no matter how little you have in common. The use of music, dialogue and cinematography is excellent in that it does just this -placing you in their situation, making you feel what they feel and experience their hopes and dreams, longing to see these fulfilled. It is a film that follows the road of despair, beauty and tragedy; but it makes damn sure of ending with a smile on its sad face.


3 Responses to “Mary and Max (5/5)”

  1. Åh, den var så bra! Och sällskapet var det bästa man kunde tänka sig. ♥

  2. Älskar den här filmen 😀 den förtjänar typ 10/5 😀

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