Words of Grey

You heard the winds long before they came, but you ignored the omen in the pale sky and the warnings of the sun.

Look into the mirror. What do you see? Yourself today; or yourself tomorrow? Nearly alive or almost dead?

You forgot your feelings; divided yourself from that reflected image of your past self. Once naive but faithful and strong, now cynic, doubtful and weak. You remember the old days when the grass was green, when smiles were joyful and the world was less grey. You remember, you are angered; you are jealous; You did not do a thing. You are sure of this, but still you doubt. What did you do to deserve this?

Hate against the inscrutable and the unfathomable flames up within. You strike, and the mirror shatters when you realize that you have ruined everything.

There is no longer “we” or “us”; only you and loneliness, total emptiness. The sunlight seeping through the open window grows colder until no warmth is left. The early morning fog dissipates in the whistling breeze as if giving way for the impending doom that is about to come… Or has it already come?

Penetrated by the cold rays of a dying sun, you glance at your own blank shadow on the concrete wall, watching your inner self wither away like a dying tree while the light grows fainter and fainter. Grasping this inner void, you disappear even more as your shell of a body stumbles toward the window; that vile sore revealing the derelict world beyond that makes up its flesh. The colourless skies pass slowly by while a voiceless scream is rejected from your lungs and your body collapses onto the cold floor. You lay paralysed in agony… In dread of tomorrow…


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