Fivefold Thoughts

You sit there, holding in front of you a cubic box. As you caress the four sides you investigate the carvings on it with your glowing eyes. But you figure so much about the reasons and the origin of those marks that you forget the inside. The inside (the content of the box) has been forgotten. Blinded are those foolish, curious eyes, by the nature of the surface. To those eyes, that box is nothing but a silent, hollow shell. Or perhaps not empty at all, but dense like a rock. But do not forget, put the shell to you ear and you shall hear the crashing waves of the sea.

Our spiritually sagacious forebears pressed their minds out of the rigid confinement of the “four-sided” box. They grasped the concept of a more expansive essence unifying the common four elements. That’s where the fifth element makes its appearance in esoteric thought. That is where the hollow shell becomes dense as a rock.


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