Lost at the river,

Two shades of grief

Pain did never suit your face

Escaping to black memories

This is our asylum far away

Where the frozen spirit sits,

Watching sad reflections where

Trees abandoned the cold Earth

and Everything turned grey

but It was never my world

a Home to the pallid and the frail

a Shattered porcelain vase, just

Shards that would cut all bonds to this,

The last song was never played

Not our turn anyway, our fall

Sacrificed one eye to live,

To suffer with my dying twin

yet As we sink deeper still

You crave more of me

Not your son, nor your father

We are soon lost now, separated

Told you to never look back

But you betrayed all this

stabbed me while I waited

For the echoes of your call

Behind the horizon veil

I Drowned the sun; your father.


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