The Arrival of 2011

And so, we have finally passed through the gates of 2010 and transcended into 2011. Not everyone had a too pleasant time during this night, but I do hope, that those who did not happily celebrate the arrival of the new year will find many better days during 2011. I would have loved to write something about symbolism concerning the new year, but lack of time and the call of duty compels me to write on my essay instead. However, I can at least entertain you with a list of what I’ve accomplished and not accomplished during the year of 2010…(yay…)

  1. I started studying film theory.
  2. I met Candy <3.
  3. The last film I saw 2010 was The Men Who Stare at Goats.
  4. I did not paint anything during the whole year, due to lack of inspiration.
  5. I have starred and assisted in a friend’s film project, helped with off-screen work during takes and portrayed a horrid monster.
  6. For the first time of many years, I did not go sailing with my father during Summer.
  7. I have nearly finished an idea for a role playing game.
  8. I have been occupied with this darn essay throughout my whole Christmas holiday.
  9. Yet the greatest accomplishment has been my mental progress and growth, which led to a total change in my lifestyle and which will hopefully continue to grow, always.

Has anyone else accomplished something during 2010 that is worth mentioning?


4 Responses to “The Arrival of 2011”

  1. Att träffa dig var det bästa som hände 2010. ♥

  2. Aaw vad söta ni är 😀 (Du och Candy)

  3. Haha jag vet 😀

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