Dream Notes from January 2010 Part III


An elderly woman greets us. She wants to show us “the Swedish voices that sing”, as she puts it. Everything seems normal size at this moment and the rock we stand on is flat and smooth alike the great slabs of the Stockholm archipelago. She is playing music on the radio that she is carrying, although no sound is discerned. She places it on a rock slab near the water below us and explains to us that the sound waves emitted from the radio are supposed to give off a nice echo across the waters. I am still not able to hear any sound, but I notice a palm-sized metallic object that gleams from under the water, and I bend down to reach it.


3 Responses to “Dream Notes from January 2010 Part III”

  1. you had me at “the Swedish voices that sing”
    thanx for sharing yr magic

  2. Dem flesta utav mina bilder kommer från subdvd och bloodydisgusting och dem har jag frågat om lov och dem har sagt att det är okej att jag lånar bilder från dem, jag behöver inte länka varje bild bara jag gör reklam för de när jag vill 🙂

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