The Spectrum of Time

Time is light. In exchange for energy and illumination, the rays of the sun will drain your body and mind of time to learn what you have seen. Timelessness and eternity lies wherever light fails to illuminate your grounds. Hidden in sleep and shadow, one is also hidden from the limitations of time and age as life takes a halt to rest and think.

But since they both are part of a scale; as the sun revolves around the Earth, leaving the opposite side in darkness before returning with light again; we cannot solely rely on the other lest we wish for our minds to decline. Without the sands of time, one will soon figure out the curse of eternity, but without the veil of night one is cursed with sudden mortality. With one foot on each scale; one glance at the sun, receiving wisdom from the stars, followed by deep contemplation and philosophy in shielding darkness, one will establish a balance and harmony in philosophising and learning.

Whoever resides in complete darkness will lose themselves in the maze of their own thoughts, and whoever strays at all times in complete light will act without thought and eventually forget the deeper meaning of things. Revolve with the sun and the moon, live in harmony with their cycles and be aware of their positions as well as your own cycles and positions in life.

NOTE [September 28, 2011]: Upon reading this text once again (yes, I sometimes read my own blog posts) I feel that I’ve forgot to add something. Yeah, time is light; but light is vibrating energy waves. A chaotic state of chaos, or constant motion. Time is a mere measurement of movement between point A and point B; literally physical transformation. An electric impulse in the body or someone walking across the street. Lead turning into gold.


2 Responses to “The Spectrum of Time”

  1. Fint, intressant och intelligent skrivet! ♥

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