…Something something something

At this moment I sit before my brothers laptop somewhere near the coastal waters of Åstön about 30-40 miles from home. The nature here is a great place to do some soul-searching and contemplation, so I have taken every opportunity to head off into the forest. About two nights ago, when the sun lay just below the horizon and a golden full moon just above the opposite, I stood in the open just as the bats came out of the forest to hunt prey. I have seen bats before, but only in the corners of my eyes and never this close. It was also the first time I have heard bats using sonar… really fascinating.

Anyways, what have I accomplished? A few sketches, some drawing, some writing, some composing. I have a handful of ideas for blog post that have not been posted yet for really no reason at all. I guess I will have to see to it that they are posted before I forget them. I write this merely out of restlessness. But hey, someone out there in the dark, vast Internet must want to hear from me once in a while.


5 Responses to “…Something something something”

  1. Jag vill alltid det, oavsett det är på telefon, mail eller genom bloggen. 🙂

  2. Kul att du har kommit igång med det kreativa 🙂

  3. […] have taken spiritually uplifting strolls through the forest during bright summer nights in Norrland. Very […]

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