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Struggling to Breathe

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A Digital Craftsman

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I must admit I have been smitten by the grasp of Minecraft. A lot of people (Here, “a lot” is apparently equal to one individual) are seemingly confused as to why I; an adult -a grown-up- has suddenly fallen for such a childish game. I wouldn’t say myself that the game is childish, but then I guess the impression of a children’s game was given as my little brother has been playing it for quite some time… I find the poor (Or should I say Classic?) graphics charming and heart-warming in a nostalgic way.

Minecraft has in its own simplicity a way to grasp your creativity. Every day I come up with architectural plans on new buildings to construct, new projects to fulfill, and I spend a lot of time gathering new and exciting materials with which to build great monuments to the Gods… I am even starting to divide things of the real world into blocks and pixels…

Sleep well, B

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B was part of the creation of Dimhymn, IXXI, Lifelover, Ondskapt and Woundism.

Sorry to hear that your musical visions no longer will be audible for the rest of the world. A great influence always leaves a greater absence that its own body, and B had a great influence in the underground black metal world. The absence after him is greater than this life. The silence that remains echoes out; an echo that passes through a great audience. A respectful farewell and a journey towards another horizon. Everyone is unable to look back; or turn back. The can only rely on false memories. It scares them and they fear the brutal truth. But eventually, they will accept the inevitable and respectfully let their source of inspiration be put to rest. Sleep well, B.

Not Dead! (yet)

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Just so that all of you readers and non-readers out there, I am not dead! I have just not been so active… skipped all of September you know. And realizing how inactive I have been with this blog lately (well, I haven’t been inactive, just haven’t finished any of my one million drafts…), I felt that the least I could do was to remind you all that I’m alive. And I took the loveliest stroll today out in the woods. If you haven’t yet, you should try it out! It is really refreshing. 🙂