A Digital Craftsman

I must admit I have been smitten by the grasp of Minecraft. A lot of people (Here, “a lot” is apparently equal to one individual) are seemingly confused as to why I; an adult -a grown-up- has suddenly fallen for such a childish game. I wouldn’t say myself that the game is childish, but then I guess the impression of a children’s game was given as my little brother has been playing it for quite some time… I find the poor (Or should I say Classic?) graphics charming and heart-warming in a nostalgic way.

Minecraft has in its own simplicity a way to grasp your creativity. Every day I come up with architectural plans on new buildings to construct, new projects to fulfill, and I spend a lot of time gathering new and exciting materials with which to build great monuments to the Gods… I am even starting to divide things of the real world into blocks and pixels…


One Response to “A Digital Craftsman”

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