Dream diary IV


I jump down on the slab, close to the dark water. I see parts of a camera lens, a brooch, a pocket watch and a curious contraption that I have never seen before. A basic geometric shape highlighted with golden ornaments framing sections of glass that envelope some strange clockwork device. Beside the still water lay a group of miniature swords, each about six to ten inches long. André pointed out bones behind me, in under a crevice, resting on heaps of gold coins, leather straps and old clothes. They are pointed out as belonging to our ancestors. But my interest lay in the weird glass object rather than old mossy treasures. I turned around and glanced at the object only three inches down the water. I feel a strange need or craving for the strange object and attempt to reach for it, but as I do, a sudden insight of terror strikes me. If my hand breaches the surface of the water, I will wake something from the dark depths that will pull me down to the very bottom of these waters. I am repelled by the fearsome darkness, and my hand slowly moves away from the cold surface of the water.


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